I have made quite a few different kinds or furniture over the years from tables to computer desks, side tables, to cabinets, beds, closets, coffee tables, kitchen tables and much much more. I even made kitchen counters and unique looking lamps.

It actually all started when I immigrated to Canada and needed a bigger kitchen table. I made a large table for myself and when people saw it, they asked if I could make one for them too.

In the summer I’m very busy with my day job (I grow flowers for a living) so i usually build the bigger pieces of furniture in the winter time when it is slow season. That is from November until February.

Sometimes people supply me with the wood and they want me to make a certain kind furniture with it and sometimes they tell me what they have in mind and I find the wood for them.

Please keep in mind that it takes time to find the perfect piece of wood and sometimes it still needs to go in the kiln to be dried properly before i can use it. This process takes months, so I need to know In advance what you are looking for so I can have the wood ready in time and start building in my slow season.

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