Charcuterie Boards

The Sonneveld Ranch Charcuterie Boards
Charcuterie Boards

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In case you’re unfamiliar, charcuterie (prounounced shar-kood-eree) boards are meat and cheese boards that typically include a variety of items that can be paired in mouth-watering combinations.

Here you can find most of the Charcuterie Boards together that I have made.

If you are looking to get one made please contact us to make an appointment to visit. Then you can pick out a board you like and let me know what engraving you want on your charcuterie board.

Some people ask me to make pictures and text them so that they can choose a board that way. This, however, takes too much time. If  you live far away I can do this after you tell me what kind of board you are looking for (colour, shape, size etc) then I can send you 3 or 4 pictures to choose from.

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